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"It is our mission to make the world an 'interesting' place by increasing independent, kind challengers."

Message from the CEO


We all are aware of the fact that there are many problems facing us today both at individual and state levels.

  • No jobs available even if you want to work

  • Many people who are suffering from hunger

  • Millions of kids who are unable to go to school

  • Wars and conflicts happening somewhere in the world

  • Refugees who are forced to leave their countries

  • Depletion of natural resources due to overconsumption

  • Regions and nations facing the danger of global warming

  • Welfare system that cannot support the increasing number of the elderly

The unprecedented disaster caused by Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11, 2011 brought to light the facts that the government of Japan is irresponsible and unprepared for radioactive threats and subsequent incidents, and it is financially strapped. Many people keep looking for those to blame while ignoring the lack of energy and natural disaster safety measures. It is highly likely that they will soon stop worrying and leave all problems to “proper authorities”. In other words, they lack in “a sense of being the party concerned” and are contemplating as if someone else were trying to solve the problems.

We believe this kind of attitude - indifference - is risky and irresponsible. In the time of capitalism, those who lack in self-responsibility - in a real sense they are not independent - will be in trouble when faced with big challenges. As a variety of problems like huge national debt, hollowing-out of industry due to offshoring, and competitive labor market emerge, the existent system that supports those who cry for help seems to be disappearing. Under these circumstances, it is “independence” that we need to develop right now. We are actually dreaming of the society where; everyone take it for granted that they live self-sufficiently without relying on others; and everyone can challenge themselves with kind concern for the people and earth.

Our underlying belief is to incubate and support “independent kind challengers”. As a means to accomplish this aim, we provide a new form of “education”. Rather than just designing a theoretical proposal, participants in Mission on the Ground program (MoG) experience and learn through a “on the ground” project. They meet, collaborate and are challenged by real problems together with social entrepreneurs who are determined to make a difference in emerging Asian nations. They are inspired by the determination to tackle problems that seem too big to be solved by themselves. We aim to create an educational environment that makes the world a more “interesting” place to live through experiences of taking action to make a difference in society and subsequent self-learning. very50’s “Mission on the Ground” program is not just what we provide to make a difference in the world, but also who we are.

Below are some features of MoG program:

  • Dealing with social problems not to be ignored in the globalized world as theme

  • Delivering an ultra practical program that tackles real problems while learning

  • Focusing on global issues, especially in emerging Asian nations

How about making the world a more “interesting” place to live by challenging yourself together with us?

                                                                                                                                         Ryosuke Sugaya, very50 Co-Founder and CEO

 Important Values

Pursuing the "real" that only 10% agree on rather than the "fake" that 90% support

History has shown that the opinions and people approved by the majority are not always the correct choice. We want to have the courage to step up and claim the "real" supported by few rather than the "fake" supported by many. 

Finding value in who you are today, not in your history and past achievements 

If you aren't making an impact right now, it doesn't matter how glorious your career was in the past.  We want to be "true influencers" and not people just using their name and past achievements to give them credibility.  

Being more creative, rather than just logical

It is very important to be able to analyze things logically. However we feel it is sometimes more important to create something new and of value. 

Continuing to be a Challenger

Those who fight failure many times until they succeed invoke courage and passion. We like to see the challengers born from the desire to make things better than they are now. We want to continue to be challengers for our entire lives.

Always thinking as if you were the concerned party

The world is not as simple as 1+1=2. When conceptualizing and carrying out solutions we aim to maintain the approach of considering local problems as if we were the parties involved. We will not become critics who only observe other people's problems from afar.  

Thinking both big and small

It is becoming increasingly difficult to consider society's problems without taking other countries into account. We always first think on a global scale, and then drop this down to the local level. 

Our Values

About very50 

We believe there are four types of people; parasites, dreamers, those who are consumed with greed, and independent, kind challengers.  

very50 seeks out these independent, kind challengers and supports them in their sustainable, impactful business endeavors 

Company Profile

Meet the very50 Team! 


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Non Profit Organization very50

Maison D'oram 101

2-45-11 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan

June 1, 2008 (official corporate NPO status acquired November 2012)

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