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* Special MoG Progam in South Korea

** Special MoG Program in Japan; very50 HQ





In 2009 Greena established a mission to raise people’s interest in the environment through environmental education and environmentally conscious products. In Indonesia, where the garbage problem is serious, Greena’s unique initiative “reborn garbage into miscellaneous goods” revitalized the community through job creation and income increases for women. Greena’s efforts have attracted attention from the government and the media, and the founder, Nina, has relocated to become a social entrepreneur based in Japan.

Genteng Healthy Market

Genteng Traditional Healthy Market, Indonesia

Anton is the son of a notable family in Garut, Indonesia. While taking over the lumber industry that his father built up over the course of one generation, Anton’s organization is working towards the mission of creating a “better life” for the people of Garut. Genteng Traditional Healthy Market is a “direct marketing” farmers’ market where around 100 household farmers sell their own vegetables and products. They strive to improve the lives of these lower income farmers by providing places and opportunities for them to sell. In addition, Genteng Healthy Market has four vocational schools that serve over 1000 students, many of whom are able to attend for free.

Hoa Ban+

Hoa Ban+, 


In 2008, the Thuan Hoa Vocational Training Center was established in Mai Chau, Vietnam, to address the human rights issues in that region. The training center serves to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to learn textile production techniques and become economically independent. In cooperation with various NGOs, they work towards securing the economic independence for minority groups. In 2013, the brand Hoa+ was established to sell the products produced at the Thuan Hoa Vocational Training Center. Through Hoa+ they are hoping to develop the charm of Mai Chau and become a global brand that will be a means to convey successful solutions to social problems.

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