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Our Support

Acceleration through

Mission on the Ground (MoG)

very50 provides continuous,

custom-tailored support 

Although our main support and acceleration program is the Mission on the Ground (MoG) program, very50 offers a host of other support services

Financial Support 

Through our fund sponsored by very50 supporters, we provide need based financial assistance to our social enterprises. Support ranges from reconstruction assistance after natural disaster to funding for business endeavors. 


Machine for construction of Eco-Village 

Factory reconstruction after flood

Public Relations & Sales Promotion

We provide a number of services regarding PR and sales promotion. Specifically, we assist with sales in Japan, organizing sales events and exhibitions. 

Good Job exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo

Satellite Shop in Ginza, Tokyo called 'Chairs'

Sales Promotion in Japanese High schools

Human Resource Support

We provide recruitment support for companies, pulling from very50's vast networks. We help connect you to a pool of strong candidates to intern or work full-time at your organizations. 


Professional Support 

We provide professional support such as web development (smartphone app and website building) and design. Design support includes everything from marketing materials to whole brand concept design. 

Brand Book Sample 

Web design sample

Research Opportunity in Japan 

Each year we select one social enterprise and invite them to Japan for a free business research experience. We arrange everything, from the plane tickets to the on site research trips during your stay. 


GREENA's CEO was invited to Japan for a presentation about her organizaiton. During her stay she took "research field trips" to places including the largest recycling plant in Japan.


Kokoboard's CEO was invited for a product exhibition and visited a number of large shopping centers in Japan to connect with potential clients. 

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