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Accelerating Impactful Social Enterprises in Developing Asian Nations 


Accelerate Your Business 

We work with social impact businesses in a number of sectors

very50 is not a typical startup accelerator that simply throws money at hundreds of companies a year. We truly invest time and effort into social enterprises that we believe are making or have the potential to make a strong impact in their community. We provide not only the jump start needed to accelerate your seed organization, but we provide follow up and long-term support to ensure your continued success.


Why very50?


What we look for

 We work with seed stage social enterprises that have a goal to challenge the society's problems and work towards making the world a better and more interesting place  Our ideal partner organizations are global thinkers who have the ability or desire to find social problems and create sustainable, practical solutions through business.  

very50 yields RESULTS

tohe ceo ngan.jpg

Thi Ngan, co-founder of Tohe was selected as a  Young Global Leader  at the World Economic Forum in 2016.

orapin ceo kokoboard.png

Orapin Sinamonvech, the founder of Kokoboard received the Ashoka fellow award. 

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